Anonymous asked:
hi elena! may i ask you where does the name varg come from? i mean doesn't it mean wolf in swedish? also love your art (-:

Oh hi there and thak you so much!! <3

Yes, my last name does mean wolf in Swedish! A long time ago Finland was a part of Sweden and back then, my mothers family changed their Finnish last name, Lahtinen, into a Swedish one, Varg (it is btw pronounced as /varj/). Nowadays Finland is it’s own country and my mothers family has taken their Finnish name back but I liked the Swedish one better, that’s why I use it as my artist name! :)

I’m going to visit Torquay, England, and I really don’t know how to make comics anymore I’M SORRY.

Apparently I’m very bad at making and publishing comics these days, but have a video instead!

I was supposed to do a DIY but my throat is so sore I couldn’t record an audio for it. So have a vlog instead.